Frequently asked questions

What is iAM Gati?

The iAM Gati is a mobile application and stands for Intelligent Activities Manager. It is a tool for our visitors to use on a daily basis. Our users accrue points by “getting around to it,” and logging daily activities and even answering the daily questions. The purpose of this mobile tool is to guide and facilitate our user’s daily productivity so they can feel inspired and make productive use of their time.

What does GATI stand for?

GATI means Get Around To It. It symbolizes the positivity of getting things done. We are the anti-procrastinators and our theme is simply just “Get It Done,” Get Around to it!

How much does the iAM Gati app cost?

There is a one-time download fee of $.99. There are no other fees for the use of our app. You may; however, purchase GATI merchandise as desired.

What is iAM Gati’s Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy is listed in our app and you may find it by selecting menu.

Are there limits with the number of daily activities that can be posted?


How can I redeem my points for GATI merchandise?

Yes, you can. When you add items to your cart you will be provided with a code that gives you real-value for your purchase.

How long may I keep my points?

Your points stay accrued for the life of your account.

Can I transfer points to another person?

No, this may not be done. You can only use your points to redeem for GATI purchases. In the future, you will be able to use your points for other purchases.

Can I order custom shirts on the GATI website?

Yes, there is an option for you to order a custom shirt, in size and color. Simply navigate to the Custom Order section of our website.

Can I transfer my account to another person?

No, your account can only be assigned to the original registrant of the account and is non-transferrable.